Monday, July 29, 2013

Started my own teambuild :)

Hi there!

Just wanted to post that I started my own team build with a new cycler that just launched a few hours ago. 
Quick 1x2 matrix with a one time payment of $27
Cycling with just 2 referrals!

First cycle earns you $10, once you get your 2 downlines, and $5 once each of your downlines cycle.

This will complete the first matrix entering you into a new 2x2 matrix.
Earn $75 once you fill that 2x2 matrix and another $15 for every level one referral that cycles the second matrix.

So earnings are $125 once and $105 whenever you complete a 2x2 Matrix ;)

Payment Processors are Payza, STP, Perfect Money, OkPay and EgoPay

Everyone will get 2 referrals through this team build. Please visit my forum thread in the MoneyMakerGroup to join if you are interested.

See you there ;P

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